Friday, October 25, 2013

Jacksonville Production Company Offers Same Day Turnaround for Online Videos

Easy Edit Video unveils its new green screen studio, designed specifically to address the increased demand for high-quality, budget-friendly videos by businesses and organizations competing for your attention online.

“Every business has a website, and now with our in-house professional studio set-up, any business can afford to quickly add video content that can be used to better market their goods and services,” says Easy Edit Video President David Zuckerman.

Online measurement company comScore reports that 89 million people in the United States are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today. According to Internet Retailer, visitors who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy than people who don’t watch the videos. Also, internet users overwhelmingly agree they would rather watch a video than read a page of text, and they are more likely to act on what they saw.

“Internet video is the most powerful and affordable marketing tool we have seen in decades,” says Zuckerman. “Creating an effective internet video doesn’t have to be a major Hollywood production. We’ve streamlined the process so we can shoot and edit a 60-second video in just two hours.”

Easy Edit Video’s unique process includes a new green screen studio wall, which is used for chroma key compositing. In short, it’s a special effects technique used to layer two images together. By recording a client in front of a professionally lit green screen, Easy Edit Video is able to replace the green background with video, images or graphics. This strategy—employed in news, motion picture and video game production—reduces the time and expense of multi-location shoots and enables a business owner to talk about their products and services while showing the visual content that tells their story.

Easy Edit Video’s new studio also includes a teleprompter, making it easy for clients to deliver flawless on-camera presentations. “It’s a one-stop professional shop,” says Zuckerman. “It allows us to meet the multimedia needs of local businesses in a way that perhaps they couldn’t afford before.”

About Easy Edit Video
Clients include the University of North Florida, Ring Power, Bolles School, Deutsche Bank, Florida Department of Transportation and Florida National Guard.
Easy Edit Video is located at 8431 Baymeadows Way, has proudly served the First Coast since 1993, and is a certified City of Jacksonville Small Enterprise Business.

For more information, contact:
David Zuckerman, President
Easy Edit Video
(904) 730-9999

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More Great Videos & Photos from the 13th Annual Jacksonville Film Industry Reception

This 2 minute video was produced by Eric Torres, Director Of Photography/Chief Editor at Collaboration Creations Films.
Collab Creations Video

Ray Hays Tribute Video-shot and produced by Crop Creative Media.
Tribute Video

Reception Photos taken by Mario Peralta.
Mario Peralta Photos

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

13th Annual Jacksonville Film Industry Reception

Please click the link below of the amazing photos of the 13th Annual Jacksonville Film Industry Reception and Awards taken by Ken McCray.

Photos of the 13th Annual Jacksonville Film Industry Reception and Awards

Friday, August 30, 2013

Jacksonville - Northeast Florida Film Industry & Legislative Educational Workshop & Forum


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Registration Opens: 12:30 PM

Workshop: 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

The Industry Workshop is designed to encourage ideas from all sectors of the film, television, digital media, and entertainment industry to focus on solutions for growing production for Jacksonville and Northeast FL as well as discuss improving the Under Utilized Region Bonus.

Forum 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

The Legislative Forum is designed to inform legislators and industry professionals/businesses about the needs of the industry and to develop long-term strategies for industry growth. This opportunity will allow Florida legislators and stakeholders to inquire and ask questions about the state’s incentive program and the industry.

WJCT Studios
100 Festival Park Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32202


RSVP is required as seating is limited - (click here)

Sponsored by:


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

PRI Productions 48 Hour Film Project- Best of Screen


The films to be screened at the "Best of Screening" for the PRI Productions 48 Hour Film Project include:

"The Philosophy of Psychology Series Video No.24 "Romance"" by Yeeaarrhh

"Letters for Lily" by Be Squared

"Disconnected" by Somebody Call an Ambulance

"Thugs & Lemonade" by Juice Box of Dynamite

"Sisterhood" by Ruby Red Productions

"Pushover" by Dads

"One & Change" by Mad Cowford

"The Killer Gargantuan Raccoon from Outer Space" by The Eff Bombs

"Goodnight" by Best Friends

"The Birthday Present" by EagleVision

"This is Tate" by Haddington Road Productions

"Ain't Gonna Work" by Ronin's Blade

This event takes place at the Florida Theatre on July 13, 2013 at 7:00pm.

Tickets are $10 at the box office.

Click on the link to Buy tickets and for more information!
Florida Theatre Box Office


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

48 Hour Project Premiere Screenings

Date: June 18 - 20, 2013

Time: 7pm

Place: The Florida Theatre, 128 East Forsyth Street

Tickets: $15 adults / $10 students or buy all three nights at $35 adult / $20 students

A Tribute to Don Barton 1930-2013

Click the link below, then scroll down to watch a video on the Tribute to Don Barton:

A Tribute to Don Barton

Don Barton 1930-2013: creator of 'Zaat,' a cult classic from Northeast Florida, dies at 83

JON M. FLETCHER / The Times-Union

Don Barton, who made "Zaat" in the early 1970s, kept the original creature costume in his garage.
By Matt Soergel

Don Barton brought “Zaat” to life in the early 1970s, and while the movie about a giant radioactive walking catfish-human monster was quiet for decades, it never really went away.

Decades later it found new life as a cult classic, and even played again Saturday night at the 75th-anniversary celebrations for Marineland, where scenes were filmed.

Mr. Barton was scheduled to speak at that screening: He loved to talk about his monster. However, he died that morning of complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, said his son, John Barton. He was 83.

Mr. Barton, a Jacksonville native, accomplished many things in his life, including raising nine children with his wife, Shirley, to whom he had been married for 57 years. But many knew him best as director of “Zaat,” a modestly budgeted horror movie filmed, mostly in first takes, over one month in Northeast Florida. That’s where a terrible aquatic creature wreaked havoc among good old boys, hippies and bikini-clad young women alike.

In 1970, Mr. Barton owned a company, Barton Films, which was doing well with commercials and training films. But he got an itch to make a full-length feature. After seeing a National Geographic article about walking catfish, “Zaat” was born.

The 1971 creature-feature played for a while at drive-ins and movie houses, mostly in the Southeast. It was bootlegged and retitled several times, and Barton learned hard lessons about the cutthroat movie business. It had a renaissance, though, after being mocked in 1999 on TV’s “Mystery Science Theatre 3000,” which featured science-fiction movies generally thought of as bad. By June 2001, “Zaat” made it to theaters again, playing to two packed auditoriums at the now-gone St. Johns 8 Theater on the Westside.

That came after horror fan Ed Tucker, a “Zaat” lover since he was 6, reached out to Mr. Barton and eventually helped him re-release the film on DVD. “There’s no other movie like it,” Tucker said Monday. “Just the fact that you’ve got so much monster on screen, and the fact that it’s a 1950s movie done, in color, in the 1970s.”

The film went on to numerous other screenings attended by Mr. Barton and fans of his 7-foot tall killer catfish, as well as two appearances nationally on Turner Classic Movies.

Mr. Barton, in a 2009 interview, said that after “Zaat’s” theatrical run he thought it would never be talked about again. He was, happily, wrong. And in recent years he had been trying to put together a sequel to introduce the watery monster to a new generation.

“He enjoyed the limelight — he never turned down a microphone, as far as I remember,” said John Barton, laughing. “He enjoyed the people who enjoyed the movie. It gave him great joy.”

In 2009, artist R. Land, a Jacksonville native and lifelong fan of “Zaat,” invited Barton to a screening of his movie in Atlanta, where a neighboring restaurant served catfish dinners for all.

“It was just a beautiful thing when Don got up and talked.” Land said Monday. “The crowd was really into it, the theater was full, the print looked great, and afterward he was signing autographs and DVDs. Don had fun.”

Mr. Barton was a co-founder of the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association and won several awards for documentaries. In 1984, he became vice president of marketing at what’s now St. Vincent’s HealthCare, and later served on the hospital’s executive board.

In addition to his wife, Mr. Barton is survived by sons John, Michael, Mark and Paul, all of Jacksonville; daughters Elizabeth Till, Anne Petty and Catherine Sanneman of Jacksonville, Mary Ellen Sanchez of Savannah, Ga., and Teresa Campbell of Brookings, Ore.; 23 grandchildren; his brothers Quinn and Thomas of Jacksonville, and James of Charlotte, N.C.; and sister Beverly Kolodinski of Jacksonville.

A vigil service will be from 7 to 7:30 p.m. Monday at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, 1773 Blanding Blvd. A memorial service will be at 11 a.m. June 18 at St. Matthew’s.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Formerly KEMPS

How to Get Regular Work in TV and Film Production
by Paul Banks

Working in TV or film production as a freelancer isn’t always easy, with the majority of jobs based on short-term contracts. For any role – whether you’re a runner, AD, or producer – it’s crucial you know the best ways to remain in regular employment.

To help you survive in this cut-throat industry and get that all important next job, here are our top 6 tips - so dust off that CV and take action, and if you’d like to share any of your own tips with us, get in touch via our Facebook page.


You need to have a wealth of contacts to survive in this industry. Most jobs come directly from people you know or word of mouth, rather than job sites you’d use in a 'normal' career. The more contacts you have, the more chances you'll get to land your next job. So when you’re working on a production or you’re at a party, make sure you meet as many people as possible.


Although nobody wants a world where working for nothing is the industry standard, don’t be afraid to take the occasional job which may just cover your expenses. If you’re starting out in the TV or film business, there will be plenty of people in the same boat and, if the project is particularly interesting or unusual, or has a director attached you particularly admire, it will be really good experience for you and look great on your CV.


Broaden your skillset as much as you can. The TV and film industry is very competitive, so you need to stand out from the crowd. Being multi-skilled can help you do that. Having an understanding of the latest technologies and learning how to shoot, edit, cast and write scripts are just some of the skills that will help you become more employable.


Enhance your online presence. The best thing about this is that it costs nothing. Get yourself on IMDb - even if you only have a couple of credits. Create a LinkedIn profile. Set up your own website (Wordpress is one of many free sites you can use) and upload your credits with your contact details, always making it clear what it is you do – think of yourself as a brand. The more chance people have to find you, the better chance you have of getting a job.


This is a controversial one, but try to stay with a production company for as long you can. It may sound tempting to leave at the end of your contract to join another production for the variety and the opportunity to meet new people, but remaining loyal to a company can reap rewards. Do be aware though to continue to network, market yourself and develop your skills while you’re employed. You never know when it’s going to end.


It may sound obvious, but if you’re going for a job at a particular production company, research all their output. What kind of productions do they specialise in? Do they sell their catalogue abroad? Do they work with the same directors on different projects? You need to be well-informed, and show that you’re committed to that company and their slate. Similarly, make sure you know as much as you can about the professional background of individuals you’re working with.


Thursday, June 6, 2013



The Jacksonville Film and Television Office is now accepting nominations for the 2013 Jacksonville Film and Television Industry Achievement Award and Rising Star Award.These awards recognize individuals who have made achievements in production-related careers, resulting in a positive impact on the local film and television industry.

“Jacksonville is fortunate to have numerous talented professionals who work locally in the film and television industry,” said Mayor Alvin Brown. “I encourage the public to submit applications and recognize individuals for their achievements in the production sector, which is a valuable economic driver for our city.”

Nominees should excel in their specific area of expertise, serve as a positive and inspiring role model, and enhance our production community with their professionalism and decades of personal knowledge and accomplishments. This prestigious achievement award will be presented at the annual film industry reception on September 5.

Nominations are due Friday, June 21.  To nominate an industry professional, click on the links below:
Industry Achievement Award
Rising Star Award

The Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project comes to Jacksonville on the weekend of June 14-16, 2013.  Filmmakers from all over the Jacksonville area will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours.  The winning film will go up against films from around the world. 

Enter today!  Space is limited.

This year, teams will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Once the initial registration is complete, teams will be added to a waiting list. 

Regular registration is $160.  If teams register after Tuesday, June 11 they must pay a rate of $175. 

Register for the Jacksonville 48HFP now!

Jacksonville 48HFP Events


Date:  Friday, June 14
Time:  6:00pm - 7:00pm
Place:  The Jacksonville Landing, 2 W. Independent Drive

Date:  Sunday, June 16
Time:  6:30pm (by 7:30pm to be on time!)
Place:  The Jacksonville Landing, 2 W. Independent Drive

Premiere Screenings
Date:  June 18-20, 2013
Time:  TBD
Place:  The Florida Theatre, 128 East Forsyth Street
Tickets:  TBD

Best Of Screening
Date:  Saturday, July 13
Time:  TBD
Place:  Florida Theatre, 128 East Forsyth Street

Jacksonville 48HFP Links

Email Chris Ackerman, Jacksonville Producer of the 48HFP

Click here for more info:

Monday, June 3, 2013

Great News From Lindsey Films!

Lindsey Films Moves Into One of the “Coolest Office Spaces of 2013!”

Lindsey Films moved into new office space at 643 Edison Avenue, one block off Riverside Ave. in the bustling area of the Brooklyn neighborhood in Jacksonville. You may be familiar with the address as it is home base for Daryl Bunn Photography. The building, circa 1924, was personally restored by Daryl and features a contemporary creative space, photography studio and gallery including work by Bunn and other artists. "Our new space encourages creativity & client input with its comfortable & high style design," said Kent Lindsey. "Just a step beyond the glass door is the studio, available for shooting everything from close up product shots to on camera interviews and standups."

Voted one of the “Coolest Office Spaces of 2013” by the Jacksonville Business Journal, we encourage you to come by for a visit to see our new digs. Call 904-221-1993 or visit

Promotional Video for Regency Centers!

In Denver, Raleigh and LA! Lindsey Films recently traveled across the country to shoot a "Fresh Look" promotional video for Regency Centers, a Jacksonville based publicly owned company that owns and manages 348 centers totaling 46 million square feet nationwide. The 3 day shoot had us hopping planes and working through a late season snow storm! Russell Williams shot the project and directed along with client, Jan Hanak. Our friends at Crop provided the post production. Click on the this link to see the video!

And The Winner Is.....

We are bursting with pride to announce that the Jacksonville Legacy Series has been selected as a 2012 Telly Awards recipient! The Legacy Series was recognized for excellence as an educational series and also for the Dr. Fran Kinne episode.

Lindsey Films produces the series for Leadership Jacksonville. The show is dedicated to telling the stories of Jacksonville's legends and leaders. The 30-minute show can be seen on WJCT as well as on the Leadership Jacksonville website. In addition to the show, in-depth interviews can also be seen on the website by chapter according to subject matter.

"We are so fortunate to be able to tell the story of some of the most amazing people in our city, producer Pepper Lindsey said. In addition, we have the best production team anyone could ever ask for. Our synergistic approach to this project goes a long way to making it the quality program and educational web series that it is. We thank Leadership Jacksonville for championing, promoting and working with us on this project."

We are thrilled to be honored in the first year of this program and are looking forward to sharing more leaders and their stories in the years to come. Click this link to view the award-winning Dr. Fran Kinne episode, along with full versions of the Alton Yates and Fred Schultz episodes and indepth interviews.

Lindsey Films Looking for Interns!

Lindsey Films is looking for qualified interns to work with us this summer. Project duties range from assisting on our shoots, to editing on FCPX, running errands and whatever is needed. Requirements include a good working knowledge of social media, video and music files, the ability to lift shoot gear, have own transportation and a flexible work schedule. Production experience is a plus. Above all must be a team player, on time, trustworthy. This is not a paid position but can be used in exchange for school credit. Please send your resume and cover letter to

Thursday, February 28, 2013


VEER! at Jacksonville's Sun-Ray Cinema

Filmed in Jacksonville, VEER! is the story of Jesse Sorensen, a skateboarder who had it all - a lucrative contract, girls, fame and an extravagant lifestyle. Now ten years later, past his prime and his usefulness in this youth-driven culture, Jesse is dropped by his skate team. Broke, he moves in with his elderly grandmother only to discover his 17-year old niece, Samantha, crashing there as well. Ironically, she is following the same slippery slope Jesse once paved, with the hottest new skater in town. After a decade of refusing to grow up, Jesse must confront what he has spent his entire life avoiding - responsibility - and figure out his future once and for all.

VEER! first theatrical run at Jacksonville's own Sun-Ray Cinema from March 1st through 7th.  Friday night's screening (March 1) will be followed by a Q&A session with members of the cast and crew.

The first ten people through the door at each screening on opening weekend will receive a free copy of the soundtrack. Bonus! Plus, Sun-Ray has graciously offered a free small popcorn with admission to the film for its entire run. Click on the link to get the printable coupon. Double bonus!

Exact screening times will be listed Monday on Sun-Ray's Facebook page. In the meantime, check out the special-cut trailer, made just for our Sun-Ray theatrical run!

St. Augustine Film Festival !

In January, the film had a standing-room-only screening at the St. Augustine Film Festival and also recently received the SKATE OR DIE AWARD at the Pollygrind Underground Film Festival in Las Vegas.

That's it for now. Thanks guys and gals. Hope to see you at Sun-Ray! 


World Cerebral Palsy Day - "Change My World in 1 min' Contest

United Cerebral Palsy has launched an international contest to help change the lives of individuals living with CP. ONE of three innovative ideas is a documentray highlighting the achivements of people living with Cerebral Palsy. From now until March 31st, 2013, UCP is inviting anyone who would like to submit proposals for how they would like to bring their ideas to life. All filmmakers are welcomed to particpate with their idea of a documentary and compete for a $25,000 prize.

For more info about the contest and the other two ideas please click

Friday, February 22, 2013

Amelia Island Film Festival


The 5th Annual Amelia Island Film Festival
March 21st -24th 2013

AIFF 2013 Kicks off March 21st with it's 5th Annual Red Carpet Event at the Historic Peck enter, Fernandina Beach, FL. At 7:00pm The Red Carpet Rolls out allowing you to be a Celebrity. Never know who you just might see walking down the Red Carpet. 

Along with guest speaker, Kiara C Jones, an award winning Writer, Director and Producer, who received honors for her work from HBO, BET, Lifetime Television Network, PBS, and Fox.  So make plans to join us Thursday March 21st, Cost is $30.00. Cost includes, Wine Tasting, 2 films, and a Party afterward wards at O'kanes Irish Pub.

See more events & purchase tickets at

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oscar Party, 6 PM, Sunday Feb. 24th at Whisky River

CineCity Jax & American Lung Association Oscar Watch Party - 2/24/2013

Don't miss the Oscar Party on Sunday Feb. 24th, 6:00pm at Whisky River – 4850 Big Island Drive. Tickets are $15 per person or donation at the door. The $15 ticket gets you a free cocktail & appetizer buffet!

CineCity Jax & The American Lung Association invite you to join them for an evening with Oscar

Red Carpet: 6pm, Oscar Watch Party: 7pm
Attire: Rock Star Casual
All attendees will be provided 1 complimentary signature cocktail with donation at the door; all size donations are appreciated.

Silent Auction : 50/50 Best Picture Rafle
Tickets: Available Here    
Donation at Door: Signature Cocktail $15 - Includes signature cocktail and hors' d oeuvres
$125 - VIP table for 5 - Includes signature cocktails, hors d oeuvres, swag bags and a bottle of champagne to toast the night.

For more info, please click

Do You Have One of America’s Most Desperate Landscapes?

DIY Network is searching for some of the ugliest front yards in America for a special edition of DIY’s “Desperate Landscapes”. It’s the biggest makeover licensed contractor Jason Cameron and his team will do all year!

Jason wants to see video and pictures of you and your very desperate front yard! We’re not talking small problems like a bad lawn or some dead shrubs. We’re looking for over-the-top desperation on the front of your house and in your landscape. We want yards that rank up there with America’s Most Desperate Landscapes… yards so ugly that it will take a massive two-day transformation to take them from worst to first!

Jason wants to see your yard and hear from neighbors who hate your landscape. The first step to getting Jason to show up at your house is by showing us your fun spirit and your depressing landscape. Jason’s advice: BE CREATIVE! Your video will be one of hundreds he’ll receive so make a video that will really stand out.

To apply, send your video, pictures and contact information to

Friday, February 15, 2013

One Spark in Jacksonville - Deadline to register 2/22/13!

ONE SPARK will take place April 17 - 21, 2013 in downtown Jacksonville. Creators from all over the world will showcase ideas and projects to connect with a $250,000 crowd fund, $1 million in capital investments, and immediate individual contributions. Deadline for registration is February 22, 2013, 11:59 PM EST. This has been publicized all over the news, social media, etc. for the past several months.

ONE SPARK website:
Click following link, watch short video, register for $45, see who has registered:
Contact Information


(904) 250-0070

Recent article…

Jacksonville to play host to world’s first crowd funding festival, One Spark

By Peter Schorsch on February 4, 2013 St. Peters Blog

Jacksonville could soon reshape its image, and the state’s, when it hosts One Spark 2013, the world’s first crowd funding festival.

“Think SXSW [Austin] meets ArtPrize [Grand Rapids] meets Kickstarter, live!” said Elton

Rivas, executive director of One Spark, a non-profit that’s raised private funds to launch the event.

The festival, which is designed to attract Creators in technology, art, music and science, is schedule for April 17 – 21, 2013, in downtown Jacksonville. Hundreds of Creators will exhibit their work at more than 75 venues and attendees will utilize kiosks and smartphones to vote for their favorite creation. At the end of the festival, winners will split a guaranteed $250,000 crowd fund. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to contribute directly to Creators via smartphones as they tour exhibits

The event is the first of its kind in Florida and recently attracted the attention of Shad Khan, owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars and automobile parts manufacturer Flex-N-Gate. Khan, a billionaire recently featured on 60 Minutes, pledged $1 million in equity investment opportunities for chosen Creators who register for the event.

“We see this event as transformational for Jacksonville,” said Abel Harding, a Jacksonville banker who serves as the event’s spokesman. “This is a full-court press to afford venture capitalists, political leaders and the general public the opportunity to glimpse first-hand the innovation happening right here in Florida.”

Creator registration is still open and nearly 300 have already signed up from around the United States and 15 foreign countries. More information, including how to participate as a Creator, can be found here.