Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Startup Small Fox Media is all about collaboration

Small Fox crew on set. Pictured(from L to R): Tanner Deprin (AC and Drone), Guy Barnhart (Writer and PA), Kayla Beckmann (Owner and Producer), and Joe Karably (DP)

Small Fox Media, a Jacksonville based TV, film and social media business, celebrated its one-year anniversary in August this year. The young company is celebrating big
accomplishments in the debut year, working with and producing video and/or
social media content for local, regional, and national companies including: FIS
Global, Retro Fitness, One Spark, Adamec Harley-Davidson, Pure Barre, and
Drug Free Duval.

Small Fox Media owner, Kayla Beckmann, formerly of Void Magazine and
Shepherd Agency, started Small Fox in August 2014 and is taking a different
approach in company structure. She teamed up with Jacksonville
cinematographer, Joe Karably of 1186 Pictures, and formed a creative
partnership. “We are a media house without the house,” Beckmann says. “We’ve
built a network of extremely talented freelancers and build a custom team for
each individual project. By breaking down the walls of traditional production, we
are able to create a product that is efficient, cost effective and – what we feel is
most important – of outstanding quality.”

Beckmann’s story was recently featured in a viral article on popular news and
entertainment website,, “How I Defied Statistics And Became A
Female Entrepreneur”.

Small Fox Media is a production company/media house based in Jacksonville,
FL. Small Fox specializes in TV, film, animation and social media services.
Visit // @smallfoxmedia on Instagram.
For press and media inquiries, please contact Kayla Beckmann, at

Cinematographer, Joe Karably on set of Drug Free Duval “Stoke” project - profile piece on North Florida youth following their dreams.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mark Anthony Films looks to bring studio to Jacksonville

Mark Anthony Films, a film company started back in 2006 in Los Angeles. Mark as the Creator, Writer, Director and Producer. He graduated from the University of Maryland University College with a major in Cyber-Security and is a future graduate from Full-Sail University, majoring in Digital Cinematography. He has written a kid’s gospel play called, “What God has for me” which was performed in Churchland, Virginia. Also, he has worked as a cameraman with the Flower Network based in Los Angeles. Worked the BET Awards Red Carpet and backstage interviews.

Mark Anthony Films (MAF) has several projects in the works for television and big screen. The first project The Packs is the launch project that is set in the Bayou of New Orleans, as rival werewolves packs come together to battle, Octavious, a sinister werewolf strives to be the Alpha.

Another upcoming project under MAF is Working Wall Street which is a drama, suspense sitcom series as four young and hungry friends try to power their way to the top of the brokerage firms they work for, but make a turn for the better as they merge to make a super-power company.

Two’s a Couple, 3’s a Crowd, is a suspense, drama, comedy television series based out of Atlanta, as friends that grew up together are having issues as one married couple splits apart and the issues spills into the homes of the other friends. These are just a few projects in the hopper with many more to produce.

There are plans to open a studio in the Jacksonville area as well as building a studio set in the South Carolina area. Mark Anthony Films feels that Jacksonville has the right climate to for their productions and looks forward growing the industry. 
The Packs, a drama, fantasy and horror television series about rival werewolves packs living in the Bayou of New Orleans come together to battle Octavious, a sinister wolf.