Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Banner Center for Creative Industries Offers Certification Course in TV & Film Production

The Banner Center for Creative Industries located at the University of North Florida is offering a certificate course in TV and Film Production. Participants will gain knowledge about the TV and film industry by learning the production process from concept to credits, including pre-production, production and post-production.  They will learn about the major roles of professionals in creating studio and field production content in addition to receiving hands-on training and learning technical skills for lighting, cinematography, videography, art design and production design. 

The certificate program gives students the knowledge and skills needed to obtain an entry-level job in different areas of TV or Film Production. Graduates will produce several projects, such as a music video and TV commercial for their resume. Additionally, they will receive interview prospects from TV and film companies.

Jerry Smith, FILM FLORIDA legend and six-time Emmy Award-winning executive producer/director for PineRidge Film & Television will be the instructor.

The program begins Friday, August 12, 2011.  Classes are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays for 12 sessions.  The training will be held at the University of North Florida’s production studio.

The Banner Center for Creative Industries is a state-wide initiative established to help workers acquire the skills and credentials needed for higher wage and higher skilled employment, meeting the needs of employers in creative industries throughout Florida.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Casting Call for MTV Comedy Series!

Actresses wanted! Heinz Productions is seeking actresses for the upcoming MTV comedy series THE INBETWEENERS (based on the UK series of the same name) which will be filming in Orlando this fall. They are looking for new faces from all over the state of Florida - this person must be a Florida Resident or willing to work as a local hire. The role in question is the character of POLLY, and to qualify you must meet the following criteria:

Caucasian female in her 30s - early 40s;

MUST speak clear, unaccented American English;

a total hottie (stunning, natural, not fake).

This mom in the series lead will make every teenage boy's dream come true - she must dress and act the part;

funny and spirited;

strong acting ability is a MUST (thus this actress must possess both looks and talent).

This is a possible series recurring role, and auditions begin July 17th in Orlando. If interested in this exciting opportunity, email a recent picture and acting resume to to set up an audition time. Not available the 17th? You can still submit photos and a resume for consideration! Time is ticking, so send your information ASAP!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Chairman of FFEAC

Our very own Todd Roobin recently passed the FFEAC Chairman torch over to Agustin (Gus) Corbella! Elected by the Florida Film and Entertainment Advisory Council, Corbella stood out as a worthy candidate. He most recently served in the position of Vice-Chair of the Council from July 2010-June 2011, and the previous three years served as a member of the FFEAC.
Agustin Corbella

Corbella is the Director of the Governmental Affairs Practice of Greenberg Traurig's Tallahassee office. He has an extensive background in state government, serving as Chief of Staff to the Florida Senate President as well as staff director for the majority offices of both the Florida Senate and House of Representatives. His role as chief adviser to the Legislature's most prominent leaders provided Gus with a broad knowledge of the process and issues before the Legislature. 

In taking on this esteemed position, Corbella will have more influence within the Council, which serves as an advisory board to the Division of Strategic Business Development and to the Florida Office of Film and Entertainment. He will play an important role in providing these offices with industry insight and expertise related to developing, marketing, promoting, and service to Florida's entertainment industry.

Jacksonville Music Supervisor Shoots for the Stars

Jim Laquidara, Music Supervisor with Audio Motion Music of the Jacksonville area recently signed contracts with MTVN / Viacom for a Song Selection project for Nickelodeon and in the same month signed on with A&E TVN for a pilot for the Style Network.  Jim also just wrapped a feature film as Music Supervisor for a film out of Los Angeles which will have it's premier in July. The attached movie poster showcases the upcoming red carpet premiere for this film. We wish Jim the best as he tackles these exciting projects.

Winners of Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project Revealed!

The wait is over! This year's winners of the Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project have finally been revealed. Without further ado, the winners are as follows:

Best Use of Genre – “The Fenimore” by AiJax Black Fire;

Best Use of Character  – “The Fenimore” by AiJax Black Fire;

Best Use of Prop - "The Fenimore” by AiJax Black Fire;

Best Use of Dialog - “The Fenimore” by AiJax Black Fire;

Best Graphics – Stephen Aymond for “The Fenimore”;

Best Costumes – Mathew Underwood for “The Fenimore”;

Best Musical Score – Brian Jerin for “The Fenimore”;

Best Special Effects – Doug Dorsey for “The Intern”;

Best Sound Audio - Stephen Aymond for “The Fenimore”;

Best Sound Design – Matt Simons for “Jane”;

Best Cinematography – Mark Hubbard for “Jane”;

Best Make Up - Mathew Underwood for “The Fenimore”;

Best Actor – Billy Calvert for “The Intern”;

Best Actress – Julianna Piechovski for “Jane”;

Best Editing – Stephen Aymond & L. Gustavo Cooper for “The Fenimore”;

Best Writing – Mike Masson for “The Fenimore”;

Best Director – L. Gustavo Cooper for “The Fenimore”;

Audience Choice Award Group A – “Something’s Catching” by The Blue Coconuts;

Audience Choice Award Group B - “The Fenimore” by AiJax Black Fire;

Audience Choice Award Group C  – “The Intern” by Knights & Squires;

Best Student Film - “The Fenimore” by AiJax Black Fire;

Runner Up Best 48 Hour Film Jacksonville 2011 – “Jane” by Best Friends;

Best 48 Hour Film Jacksonville 2011 - “The Fenimore” by AiJax Black Fire

CONGRATULATIONS to those involved in the productions of "The Fenimore," "Jane," "The Intern," and "Something's Catching" - you deserve the awards you received! The filmmakers who were not recognized with awards but who competed in the 2011 Film Project should also be commended for the hard work and talent they put into their films.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

From the Bench to the Big Screen: Adams Documentary Wins Award

A documentary of the story of a local judge has traveled from coast to coast and brought back awards.

The story of historical firsts achieved by Senior U.S. District Judge Henry Lee Adams, who was born and raised on Jacksonville’s Eastside, was the focus of “Conversations on Catfish, Courtrooms, and Change: The Life and Times of Henry Lee Adams, Jr.”

The documentary was co-directed by Jacksonville attorney William “Bill” Sheppard and his son, Lang, of Stunt Dog Productions. Adams partnered with Sheppard, Lyman Fletcher, Jack Hand and Hugh Carithers, now a circuit judge, in 1972 to form one of the first integrated law firms in the state.

“Judge Adams is a piece of history and should be memorialized,” said Sheppard.

The documentary describes Adams’ experiences growing up in a segregated society and his pursuit of justice through his legal career.

Local Company Benefits From Converting Media To Hard Drives

Daryl Lovett (left) and Frank Hankins (right) display two hard drives that now contain 20,000 image files and 129 hours of video content.

Nearly 20,000 slides were packed into three large filing cabinets and filled a dozen drawers at the Physician Sales and Service headquarters in Jacksonville.  Piled high against the storeroom wall, ten huge boxes were stuffed with more than 300 videotapes.
There was no database, no inventory control and no filing system.  Finding a specific videotape was a daunting task and trying to locate a particular slide was absolutely impossible.  PSS Facilities Manager Daryl Lovett says, “We had all these boxes sitting in storage and could not use any of the media.”  Lovett knew something needed to be done and turned to Easy Edit Video for the answer. 
 All the media had to be converted into digital data, then transferred to a hard drive.  This would eliminate the need to continue storing all the slides and tapes and it would free up a large area in the storeroom.  PSS also needed a system for organizing all the images and programs. “Easy Edit Video had done a great job for us in the past,” said Lovett “and we knew they would do a great job for us on this project.” 
It was critical to preserve the media for future use.  The slides and tapes contain a comprehensive history of PSS and its subsidiaries.  There were pictures of trade shows, events, activities and people.  The tapes held 129 hours of speeches, conferences, ceremonies, educational training, and corporate communications.  “We needed to re-use this media for advertising and promotion but did not have the technology to do it,” says Lovett.  
Easy Edit Video IT Director Frank Hankins worked for more than two months on the project.  Hankins says, “We decided to capture on a Macintosh computer because it allowed greater control, was quicker and offered more flexibility than a PC.”  Then Hankins chose the .jpg image format for the slides and windows media (.wmv) for the video primarily because they are both high quality archival formats whose data can be read on either a PC or a MAC.  
To make it easy for PSS to find the slides and video they were looking for, Hankins designed and implemented a filing system that allowed for expansion and revision.  This enabled the slides and tapes to be sorted and easily catalogued.  According to Hankins, “Every slide has a unique prefix so it can be re-sorted and recovered back to its original folder.”
 Lovett says “Now that all the slides and tapes are in a digital format, we can pull the data from either the hard drive or a server and insert pieces of PSS history into current and future promotions and presentations.”
            As for the production itself, first all the 35mm slides were loaded into specially designed carousels.  Those carousels were inserted into a high speed transfer system that converted the images to .jpg files.  Those files were organized into folders and ultimately downloaded onto a hard drive.
Next all the Betacam and VHS tapes were captured in a non-linear editing system, then encoded into a digital windows media format (.wmv) for storage on the hard drives. “Since we cleared out all the slides and tapes, we have been reusing all the space. Now that we have everything on a hard drive, we cannot wait to begin using all the media,” says Lovett.