Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Think it, Sink it, Reef it- "Sunken Conversation"

“Sunken Conservation” will begin its television broadcast debut on January 14th at 8:30 on WJCT-TV channel 7.1 and/or Comcast channels 8 & 440.  This is the first program of its kind to feature underwater realms of Jacksonville.  Most people have no idea of the amazing underwater habitats our region is home to.  The show was produced to highlight these important environmental assets while also showcasing conservation efforts underway to benefit them.  It is important for the community to be aware of these resources and to protect them.  
More details including the trailer can be found on the TISIRI website here For more information regarding the show please contact: Joe Kistel, Executive Director TISIRI

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Cinematographer/founder of Kohl Pictures of Jacksonville and Director, Ben Orisich collaborated with Bright Red TBWA Agency to create the Cayman Islands “Point of View” (POV) television campaign this past November. The project uses new state-of the-art equipment that gives viewers a real-life experience through the eyes of the Cayman Islands active traveler.

“We wanted to create an experience where viewers feel as if experiencing the adventurous activities on the island. We were able to successfully capture what the natural human eye would,
an up close focus and racking focus to infinity backgrounds,” says cinematographer, Mark Kohl. “It was also important for us to incorporate hands to keep it from looking as if the campaign were shot on a handheld camera.”

Kohl previously worked with Radiant Images, a full-service rental house for digital cameras and
film equipment, and knew the company recently worked on a POV system with the Codex
camera. The Codex camera is several steps above the GoPro system allowing the use of
interchangeable “C” mount lenses, and wireless focusing capabilities, with a 10-bit color depth.
“We wanted a realistic feel for the campaign. It is imperative that viewers see through human
eyes, not an extreme wide angle with an infinite depth of field like using a GoPro. We also
needed a camera that captures the Cayman’s deep beautiful colors. We needed Alex type quality
mounted in front of someone’s face.” says Kohl.

One of the biggest challenges was showcasing underwater activities that went on in the Cayman
Islands. Radiant worked with Hydroflex and developed the first underwater housing for the
Codex POV camera, which used an underwater BNC cable tethering the camera to the recorder.
“This was a tricky task because the sealed BNC cable was only 80’ long and we had the recorder
on a boat, which limited our shots of being in the sweet spot of the location. It ended up working
out great and we could actually see underwater on live video. I don’t remember ever doing that
before. It was quite exciting watching the clients see the underwater footage as it was happening.” says Kohl.