Wednesday, August 22, 2012



Q&A with Disney director GEORGE SCRIBNER

From Jax to Hollywood!

Come find out how Disney Feature Film Director, George Scribner went from doodling on his school work at Bolles to becoming a Disney Legend, with 20+ years of credits, to some of the top-selling movies of all time.  Scribner, a Disney Feature Film Director, story guy, a Director of Animation for Disney’s Imagineering. Scribner is one of the rare few that has directed a multimillion dollar feature film and is a Disney legend with a list of credits that includes The Lion King (story, original director),  Oliver & Co. (director) and more.  Ask about managing a multi-million dollar creative project, editing together the work of some of the world’s most famous artists and actors, or working with the brainiacs at Imagineering (think NASA for Disney). A fun night in a fun place, with members of the film, art and animation community. A local high school grad, George is grateful to the people of Jacksonville that inspired him to follow his dreams

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  1. Thanks for posting FilmJax! This is Kaki Flynn, the organizer and host of the event. It was awesome!

    Don't worry if you didn't make the event; we have it on video. Lots of inspirational advice about directing a film as well as becoming an Imagineer.

    Q&A: George Scribner, hosted by Kaki Flynn
    > Video:

    OR Search for Kaki Flynn

    George Scribner is a Bolles School Grad, and Kaki Flynn attended Stanton College Prep and Wolfson High School.