Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Video link of CNN – OUTFRONT anchor, Erin Burnett touting Jacksonville

Just in case you haven’t already viewed, please click the video link below of CNN – OUTFRONT anchor, Erin Burnett touting Jacksonville's airport as being "America's best airport!" She also mentions Tapestry Park, UNF and how Jacksonville is poised for great things through global logistics & distribution. Erin Burnett OUTFRONT is a primetime news program that airs on CNN.


Erin Brunett, CNN Anchor touts Jacksonville
 Formerly employed by NBC, Erin Burnett also appeared on NBC's Meet the Press, Today, MSNBC's Morning Joe, and NBC Nightly News.

TU article published 1/28/11
CNN anchor raves about Jacksonville airport, UNF and city after debate
Link below:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Creative Florida - Get Started Now!


Click on this link to learn more about the program and to register online.

• Guerilla Social Media Marketing
• Digital Advertising Trends
• Your Acting Career: Strategy and Marketing
• Breaking Your Own News: Using Media to Spread Your Message
• Certificate in TV & Film Production
• How to Get a Job in TV, Film and Digital Media
• VFX/CGI for the Independent Filmmaker
• Toolbox for the Documentary Filmmaker
• Launch your Career in TV, Film and New Media


• You are regularly accused of being creative.
• You want a fresh start in a growing industry.
• You don't have a lot of time or money, but you do have a lot of ambition.
• You are already in the creative industries but you haven't updated your skills since the Performa.
• When you watch a TV show or movie you think to yourself, "Hey - I want to do that!"

Classes are held at the University Center, University of North Florida
12000 Alumni Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32224

To register online or for a complete courses listing,
visit http://www.creativeflorida.org/
or call (904) 620-4808.