Thursday, May 19, 2016

“You don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.” This is one of the main ideas supporting the need for foster care not only in the US, but specifically right here in Jacksonville.  Currently there are over 300 children in Duval and Nassau counties living in a foster family, with many more children waiting their turn. This is where Family Support Services of Northeast Florida comes in.  And it is where the general public, perhaps even you, come in as well.  You may not be perfect.  But to a child in need, you just might be a hero.

Working off this idea, CROP Creative Media was proud to be the production team behind the latest advertisement for FSS.  Partnering alongside advertising agency Daigle Creative, CROP crafted a 30-second spot that tells the story of a little boy meeting his foster mom for the very first time. What the viewer first sees looks like a typical day at an average neighborhood playground - a sweet little boy playing outside, superhero action figure in hand.  But as the camera cuts in for a close up, we see his eyes light up, and the look on his face change to one of surprise and delight.  It’s then that we see the superhero figure standing in front of him, smile on her face, and arms held wide.  And as he jumps into them, suddenly the “real” scene is in front of us - a woman dressed in shorts and a tee shirt, not a superhero outfit.  She’s not actually a superhero…but she is a foster mom, and in this child’s eyes, that’s the same thing.

Credits go to Megan Stevens, Producer; Michael Hancock, Director; Andre Labous and ARRI Amira; High Contrast Lighting and Grip Support; and First Coast Talent Agency.   

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