Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jacksonville Screenwriting Workshop

Full Script Workshop | December 13, 2014 | 9:00AM - 6:00PM


Gordy Hoffman, the Sundance award-winning writer/director (LOVE LIZA, A COAT OF SNOW) and founder of the BlueCat Screenplay Competition, is leading a screenwriting workshop in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday, December 13th, from 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Winner of the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at the Sundance Film Festival for LOVE LIZA, Gordy Hoffman has taught screenwriting at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles, as well as led workshops all over North America, Poland, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. He has served as a panelist for the IFP Script to Screen Conference in NYC, Women in Film’s Script DC Conference in Washington, DC, and the George Eastman House Film Festival, as well as a judge for the McKnight Screenwriting Fellowships in Minnesota. Gordy Hoffman founded the BlueCat Screenplay Competition in 1998 and remains its judge. He’s currently developing a movie with Abigail Spencer.

Participants read seven screenplays in advance of the workshop. During the workshop, Gordy provides direct and in-depth feedback on each screenplay, with everyone encouraged to contribute his or her own thoughts and concerns.

Each writer will leave with a great sense of what they can do specifically to improve their screenplay, as well as a better awareness of where they might properly develop as a professional screenwriter as a whole. Writers benefit from the direct focus placed on their screenplays by the workshop, along with the analysis of the six other scripts.

Screenplays can be first drafts or rewrites, incomplete or partial, with first time writers and veterans all welcome. Scripts are due 10-14 days prior to the date of the workshop.

Note: Screenplays submitted to the workshop are not eligible to be entered into the BlueCat Screenplay Competition.

Regular Registration Option

Do you want to participate, but do not have a script to submit at this time? Regular registration for the workshop allows you to attend without submitting written material, read the scripts in advance and still participate in the discussion.

$195 (Full Registration) / $40 (Regular)

University of North Florida
Adam W. Herbert University Center
Building 43
Room 1092
12000 Alumni Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Read more at http://www.bluecatscreenplay.com/workshops/jacksonville-december-13-2014/#fmyMHDegSyk30PBd.99

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

America's Got Talent Auditions







Auditions Coming Soon.jpg


Monday, October 13, 2014

TEDxJacksonville Conference with Cullen Hoback

Cullen Hoback
On October 25, TEDxJacksonville is holding their signature event, a once-a-year, live conference at WJCT featuring live local and international speakers and performers who will explore the theme of (un)knowing.

One of the twelve TEDxJacksonville speakers this year is Cullen Hoback, director of the acclaimed documentary, Terms and Conditions May Apply.

Cullen is coming from Los Angeles to Jacksonville give a TEDx talk on digital privacy at the (un)knowing conference on 10/25, then will be at Sun-Ray Cinemas on Sunday 10/26 for a screening of his documentary and a live Q+A with the director.

Tickets are available for $10 at http://www.tugg.com/events/10987 and must be purchased by October 17.

About Cullen Hoback

Cullen Hoback is an American filmmaker and digital rights advocate who has been touring the world with his most recent documentary TERMS AND CONDITIONS MAY APPLY (2013).
Hoback has appeared on MSNBC, CNN, NPR, Fox, Huffpo Live, etc. and has written op-eds for The Guardian and other major media outlets. He has won numerous awards, and his films have played in theaters and on TV stations around the world. Hoback is currently developing a slate of films (documentaries and narratives), all with a clear social purpose.

About TEDxJacksonville

TEDxJacksonville is an independently-organized, TED-like event licensed by TED.com Our goal is to present talks on issues that matter to our community–free from corporate, political and religious agendas–and to spark a real dialogue about how to make a difference. At our TEDxJacksonville event, (un)knowing on 10/25, TED Talks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self-organized on a local level.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jax Night of Film

Jax Night of Film


The Ritz Theatre and Museum

829 North Davis Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202


The City of Jacksonville presents Jax Night of Film on Saturday, September 13 at the Ritz Theatre and Museum. The FREE event will showcase a variety of short films as well as two full length feature films. Jax Night of Film is an event to celebrate the film industry and its role in Jacksonville’s heritage.

Children's Red Carpet Screening
Doors open at 2 p.m.
Film begins at 2:30 p.m.

Children are invited to walk the red carpet as if they are the star of the show, have their photo taken and enjoy free popcorn as they watch The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking.

Filmed in Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island, the precocious Pippi Longstocking (Tami Erin) falls off her father's pirate ship and washes up in a small coastal town in Florida. She causes social worker Miss Bannister (Eileen Brennan) no end of trouble and influences two neighbor kids with her mischief-making and infectious attitude. Pippi uses her magic powers to beguile the locals but also to help save some orphans from a burning building.

Short Film Screening
Begins at 6 p.m.

The pre-event screening will feature two short films produced by students of the Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts; To the Moon and Paradisaea Apoda and Person, which is a Student Academy award-winning short film produced by students at the Art Institute of Jacksonville. The screening will also feature the winning film of the 48 Hour Film Project, No Laughing Matter.


Feature Film Screening
Refreshments at 6:45 p.m.
Film begins at 7:30 p.m.

Jacksonville premiere of The Double
The Double stars Jesse Eisenberg as Simon James, a meek office drone who bumbles his way through his day, forever pining for a pretty girl (Mia Wasikowska) who lives near him and working hard for a boss (Wallace Shawn) who doesn't see any of his accomplishments. One day Simon discovers that he has a new co-worker, James Simon (also Eisenberg), who looks just like him and possesses all of the confidence and charisma that Simon lacks. Simon befriends this new person, and soon the put-upon man is asserting himself. However, he begins to fear he's becoming just another pawn in James' relentless self-interests.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Silent Sundays at Norman Studios

Norman Studios and Hotel Indigo Present

Silent Sundays

August 10, 2014 

With Live Musical Accompaniment and Local Filmmaker Discussion!
When:  Sunday, August 10, 2014 - Doors open at 4:00pm, Program starts at 5:00pm
Where: Hotel Indigo Jacksonville, 9840 Tapestry Park Circle, Jacksonville, FL 32246 (near Tinseltown)
Tickets: $5 with free popcorn - Pre-purchase tickets online (credit or debit) or at the door (credit, debit or cash)
Refreshments: a la carte at the hotel bar
Music:  Accompaniment provided by 
Tony Steve and the Silver Syncro Sounds
Post-screening Speaker: Local filmmaker 
Nadia Ramoutar, director of Hollywood East: Florida’s Silent Film Legacy

Shot in St. Augustine in 1915, A FOOL THERE WAS stars Theda Bara as "The Vampire," a beautiful but villainous temptress; and Edward José as John Schuyler, a happily married Wall Street lawyer and diplomat who falls for her feminine wiles. When Schuyler gets a telegram calling him to England as a special diplomatic representative, he heads off for the extended trip on a ship. Having been slighted by Mrs. Schuyler, the Vampire sets her sights on her handsome husband and sails away on the same vessel. Two months later, we find Schuyler languishing on an island with his mistress, without a job and questioning his choice. Will he wise up and return to his loving family? Or will he remain ensnared in his lover's clutches?

See the film and beautiful young star promoted via what may have been one of the film industry's first publicity stunts. Proceeds benefit Norman Studios Silent Film Museum, Inc., a nonprofit organization working to preserve Northeast Florida's silent film history and restore Jacksonville's only surviving silent film studio complex.

Though tickets will be available at the door, purchasing yours online allows us to plan for a better audience experience. 
Copyright © 2014 Norman Studios, All rights reserved.
Just a reminder, at some point in time you provided your email address to us to keep you informed on events and press releases for Norman Studios and Silent Film history in Northeast Florida.

Our mailing address is:
Norman Studios
PO Box 8039
Jacksonville, FL 32239

Friday, August 1, 2014

Jacksonville’s Cinematographer Mark Kohl



Mark Kohl, ABC's "The Quest" series Cinematographer.

Meet Mark Kohl Cinematographer of ABC’s “The Quest”

Innovative cinematographer Mark Kohl is changing the look of reality television with ABC’s innovative series, “The Quest”.



Mark Kohl is changing the face of cinematography in the hybrid world of scripted meets non-scripted with ABC’s hottest new series, “The Quest”.

A genre-bending new reality series unlike anything else on television,The Quest,” combines harrowing and intense competition challenges, narrative storytelling and cutting edge special effects and prosthetics to conjure an immersive fantasy environment. 12 real people, pulled from their everyday lives, are transported to a fantasy world where they are declared Paladins, defenders of a noble cause. The Paladins must compete to save the besieged kingdom of Everealm but only one will prevail and earn the right to be called the One True Hero.

Kohl says, “We broke the mold of traditional competition shows. We aimed to create a cinematic scripted/reality hybrid that included CG animation and real contestants. The goal was to create a reality show that looked and felt like a fantasy movie. Working with actors and real contestants was something that had never been done before. It was like shooting a feature film and live television at the same time. The blend of reality and characters created the fantasy in the world of Everealm.”

“There is a fine balance between making things look too polished and produced to the point where the viewer stops believing it's real. We had to be mindful and create an experience that balances production value with story.”

Kohl continues, “There were a total of 9 cameras rolling continuously…we even dressed them to be a part of the scene. Also, I wanted to shoot this using full sensor digital cameras with cinema lenses. The cameras available were the alexa and the red, both of which are NOT really sustainable in the reality world because of their ergonomics. So months before I had heard about Sony coming out with the F55, and Fuji coming out with their 19-90 zoom lens that had a handgrip and servo zoom motor on it exactly like and ENG lens. The combination of the two (with a little tweaking), created a lightweight balanced handheld camera that was extremely fast. Perfect for reality and scripted. We were able to shoot in extreme low light situations quickly and easily.”

Andy Dehnart, reality blurred, calls "The Quest"the "Summer's best new reality show" giving it an "A".

Mark Kohl is a multi-award winning, innovative Cinematographer/Director. He has shot feature films for Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope production company and served as the Director of Photography on Aaron Spelling’s “Safe Harbor.” Mark has lensed 15 feature films and HBO movies, including “Lonely Hearts” with John Travolta and James Gandolfini and “Recount” with Kevin Spacey and Dennis Leary. He has shot and/or directed over 130 episodes of “America’s Most Wanted” and in between, has over 2000 commercials to his credit including clients such as McDonald’s, Honda, Ford, AT&T, Pizza Hut, Carnival Cruise Lines and Dick’s Sporting Good’s.

The award winning Kohl, who’s accolades range from Addys, Tellys and multiple film festival prizes (Chicago International, Telluride, New York International…), keeps reinventing his craft by bringing unparalleled energy, experience and creativity to every project. Mark has developed the kind of versatile skills that allow him to take on any project, at any place, anytime while customizing the style and substance of each project he works on. Mark believes it’s not what you’re looking through, but rather what you’re looking at.

For more information on Mark Kohl: http://www.KohlPictures.com :: http://markkohldp.com/

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Norman Studios Silent Sunday Screening

Norman Studios and Hotel Indigo Present

Silent Sunday Screening

A Florida Enchantment (1914)

When: Sunday, July 13, 2014 at 4:00 PM
Where: Hotel Indigo, 9840 Tapestry Park Circle Jacksonville, Florida 32246 (Near Tinseltown) Click here for Map
Suggested Donation: $5.00 at the door with free popcorn (cash, debit or credit)
Refreshments: a la carte at bar
Screening Length: 70 minutes and discussion afterward

Join Norman Studios for a screening of one of Jacksonville’s most controversial early films. 

Shot in 1914 at Jacksonville and St. Augustine (with shots of the Ponce De Leon Hotel - now Flagler College) locations by Vitagraph Films. A FLORIDA ENCHANTMENT touches on some taboos of the era and serves up some of the unfortunate practices prevalent in film at that time. Sidney Drew directed and co-starred with Edith Storey. The hijinks ensue when Lillian Travers discovers her fiance’s infidelity and takes revenge by swallowing a magic seed that is supposed to turn her into a man. Her unfaithful lover and her maid also eat the seeds with dismaying results.

Paying homage to well-known Shakespearean plots, this film is billed as a comedy; however, it has been the source of many discussions relevant to changing audiences through the years.  In fact, it was this type of film that contributed to the demise of Jacksonville as the “Winter Silent Film Capital of the World”.

All proceeds go to support the efforts of the Norman Studios Silent Film Museum, a non-profit dedicated to educating and enhancing the public knowledge of Jacksonville's early film industry, including the unique films produced at Norman Studios. To find out more information about our organization, please go to our website.

Please click 
here to sign-up to receive future information about our events and happenings.

We look forward to seeing you on the 13th!
A 1914 movie poster of A Florida Enchantment produced by Vitagraph. The film is one of the few intact silent films produced by the more than 30 Jacksonville-based studios.
Copyright © 2014 Norman Studios, All rights reserved.
Just a reminder, at some point in time you provided your email address to us to keep you informed on events and press releases for Norman Studios and Silent Film history in Northeast Florida.

Our mailing address is:
Norman Studios
PO Box 8039
Jacksonville, FL 32239

Monday, June 23, 2014


Alhambra Dinner Theatre, Artistic Director
Sunday, JULY 13 3:00 p.m. -6:00 p.m.
$25 in Advance/ $30 at Door
Limited Seating-Register Today
TOD BOOTH comes to Stage Aurora Theatrical Company to conduct a Masterclass on Acting, Auditioning, and will also talk about his illuminous career. The fee for the 3-hour masterclass is $25.00. At the door, the masterclass will cost $30.00. Be prepared to perform a monologue or sing a song for Mr. Booth for critical advice and evaluation.


TO REGISTER: https://stageaurora.ticketleap.com/tod-booth-masterclass/dates/Jul-13-2014_at_0300PM


Legendary Stage Director Tod Booth is the Executive Producer/Director of The Alhambra in Jacksonville, Florida.  The Alhambra is the oldest Equity dinner theatre in America.  For the past 25 years, his production company has owned and operated the theatre.  Prior to the Alhambra, Tod was the Executive Producer/Director of Chicago's famed Drury Lane Theatres.  During his Chicago tenure, many times, he had three shows simultaneously on stage in Chicago and several on tour throughout the country.


Mr. Booth has produced/directed over 350 Equity shows featuring many stars of the past, as well as, stars of today and tomorrow.  Musicals are his specialty.  The creative process with the original writers, composers, lyricists, designers, and casts is the most exciting adventure imaginable.  Mr. Booth's name appears as the original producer/director on scripts licensed by both Samuel French and Dramatist Play Service. His original musicals include "Christmas Carole", "One Shining Moment", and "The Four Bills". 


His work on stage, television, and film illustrates a diversity in background and experience.  He has staged major musicals in a concert environment with symphony orchestras and sometimes appears as a solo artist on major projects.   Having served as consultant to state arts councils and the National Endowment for the Arts, he has shared his over 40 years in the business with budding artists.  Mr. Booth is a proud member of Actors' Equity Association, Screen Actors Guild, and the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

PRI Productions 48 Hour Film Project FREE Classes May 22 & 29

The PRI Productions 48 Hour Film Project is fast approaching and we are gearing up with two FREE classes at PRI Productions to help you prepare. On May 22, 6:30 p.m., we’ll present Writing your Screenplay for the 48 with Sharon Y. Cobb. On May 29, 6:30 p.m., we’ll present Prepping for the 48 with Paul Melian and myself. These two events are open to all. So whether you’ve signed up or are still looking for a team, you may attend.

One of the main pieces of feedback from judges each year is that films need more story development. In the short time teams have, many are in such a rush to finish that the storyline suffers. The script is the blueprint of a film and without a solid foundation, the film will fall.

Enter Sharon Y. Cobb, writer of multiple Hollywood screenplays and the author of False Confessions of a True Hollywood Screenwriter. In this class, Sharon will discuss structure of the story as well as the various genres that teams may choose for this year’s event. She will also give practical advice about working with time constraints of the 48 HPF since she has written scripts for several teams competing in the 48.

Anyone that has ever attended the PRI Productions 48 Hour Film Project will tell you that Team Somebody Call an Ambulance Productions is a staple that has been in the competition since its beginning. This year they are taking a break so their fearless team leader, Paul Melian, has agreed to offer his words of wisdom on how you can best prepare your team for 48 hours of non-stop, movie making magic at Prepping for the 48. From assigning task to ensuring no one utters the words, “don’t worry we’ll fix it in post,” Paul has several years of experience to pass along to help you to overcome challenges before they happen.

I will be speaking on what the judges are looking for outside of the script to help teams better prepared. After each hour-long class there will be a Q&A to help clear up any concerns for this year’s event. We are looking forward to a great turnout as always and can’t wait to see everyone.

Please RSVP to cackerman@priproductions.com if you are attending either or both of the events so that we can prepare the proper amount of seating.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project

48HFP will bring a wild weekend of filmmaking fun to Jacksonville starting Friday, June 6.  You'll see filmmakers throughout the city rushing to create a 4-7 min film in only 48 hours.  Armed with a genre, character, prop and line of dialogue our fearless filmmakers will make their way through the cinematic jungle and emerge with a creative masterpiece.
2014 48HFP Registration Is Open
It's time to claim your spot in this year's project.  Signing up is as simple as going to our website and clicking the "Register for Jacksonville now!" link.  The early bird rate of $140 per team is in effect through Monday, May 12 - after that it jumps up to $160.
Sign up today and save:
Save the Date
Mark your calendars.  This year's filmmaking will take place the weekend of June 6 - 8 and our screenings will be June 10 - June 12 at Sun Ray Cinema.  The winner of Best Film will go on to represent Jacksonville as it vies for Best Film of the World against 123 other city winners.
Looking For A Team?
Not ready to put a team together yet, but know you don't want to miss out on the excitement that is the 48HFP?  Put yourself out there via our join-a-team database which is made available to registered teams.  If someone is looking for help, they just may call YOU!
Reasons to Register Early
1.     Access to database of people looking for a team
2.     Save $20 on the fee - available until Monday, May 12
3.     No fear of getting stuck on the waiting list
Are you up for the challenge?  Show us what you've got by registering your team now!!
Let's show Jacksonville what 48 hour filmmaking is all about!!
Chris Ackerman
Jacksonville Producer
48 Hour Film Project
Jacksonville 48HFP
Chris Ackerman
Jacksonville Producer
Registration Opens
Tuesday, April 8
Early Bird Deadline
Monday, May 12
Regular Fee Deadline
Tuesday, May 27
Filmmaking Kickoff
Friday, June 6
6:00pm - 7:00pm
The Jacksonville Landing
Film Dropoff
Sunday, June 8
The Jacksonville Landing
Premiere Screenings
June 10 - June 12
Sun Ray Cinema
Best Of Screening
Saturday, July 12
The Florida Theatre