Thursday, February 28, 2013


VEER! at Jacksonville's Sun-Ray Cinema

Filmed in Jacksonville, VEER! is the story of Jesse Sorensen, a skateboarder who had it all - a lucrative contract, girls, fame and an extravagant lifestyle. Now ten years later, past his prime and his usefulness in this youth-driven culture, Jesse is dropped by his skate team. Broke, he moves in with his elderly grandmother only to discover his 17-year old niece, Samantha, crashing there as well. Ironically, she is following the same slippery slope Jesse once paved, with the hottest new skater in town. After a decade of refusing to grow up, Jesse must confront what he has spent his entire life avoiding - responsibility - and figure out his future once and for all.

VEER! first theatrical run at Jacksonville's own Sun-Ray Cinema from March 1st through 7th.  Friday night's screening (March 1) will be followed by a Q&A session with members of the cast and crew.

The first ten people through the door at each screening on opening weekend will receive a free copy of the soundtrack. Bonus! Plus, Sun-Ray has graciously offered a free small popcorn with admission to the film for its entire run. Click on the link to get the printable coupon. Double bonus!

Exact screening times will be listed Monday on Sun-Ray's Facebook page. In the meantime, check out the special-cut trailer, made just for our Sun-Ray theatrical run!

St. Augustine Film Festival !

In January, the film had a standing-room-only screening at the St. Augustine Film Festival and also recently received the SKATE OR DIE AWARD at the Pollygrind Underground Film Festival in Las Vegas.

That's it for now. Thanks guys and gals. Hope to see you at Sun-Ray! 


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