Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Production Assistant Seminar



This weekend-Saturday April 9th!

Jon Spicola - Savannah Film Company
Jody Schiesser - Producer "My Brothers Keeper"

Your success as a Production Assistant is our Business!

Give us one day and we'll hand you the tools to build your career in the film industry.
Production Assistant Training Seminar (P.A.T.S.) provides on-location training for entry-level PA's. We provide a thorough orientation of the entertainment industry. By learning the proper etiquette and procedures from seasoned filmmakers, you will walk confidently onto any commercial, television, new media, fashion shoot, theatre or movie set. P.A.T.S. doesn't simply bridge the gap, but truly compliments the creative aspects taught in any high-school, university or college film program with the practical skills of a film set . We give you the tools required, and the knowledge you will need to be a success your first day on a film set.
In the P.A.T.S. seminar we'll provide you:

* Comprehensive manual
* Download of 65+ industry standard forms
* Entry into the P.A.T.S. National database
* Video and PowerPoint Presentations
* Instruction by industry professionals
* Certificate of completion
* P.A.T.S. News!

"Just wanted to thank you and Gary for doing the PA Training workshop. It’s a fantastic program and vital for our students who are trained in an artisanal model of filmmaking rather than in the intricacies of commercial production. The course and materials are outstanding and the students were thrilled with their experience."

All My Best,
Caitlin Horsmon
Assistant Professor
Film & Media Arts
University of Missouri – Kansas City

P.A.T.S. seminars instruct participants in the day-to-day requirements of working as a production assistant (PA) on the set.

The first half of the day is our hands-on instruction. Practical drills and demonstrations that will prepare you to show up on your first day of work on a major motion picture and present yourself as the “unforgettable PA.” The skills you learn in the first half of the seminar will allow you to perform at a level of understanding and confidence to get you a ‘call back’ for the second day!
“I took the PA training seminar on Saturday, interviewed on Sunday, got called to work on Monday for my 'Audition' day and got myself the call back for five days on the set! Thanks P.A.T.S.!"
Peter Walker – Des Moines, Iowa
With our innovative guide, examples, and forms we will teach you the following concepts:


• Pre-Production
• Production
• The Director's Team
• Your First Day
• Walkie talkie protocol and etiquette
• Background Performers

Our afternoon focuses on the finer points of film making. It prepares you for a deeper understanding of what happens behind the scenes with the Producers, Directors, and Actors. From the page to the screen, we bring all the elements you need to understand the PA’s role in the big picture.
The key element of the seminar is our job search, resume building, and interview techniques session. With P.A.T.S. resume design, we will craft participants individual “industry standard” resumes using their skills, education and practical experience. Production resumes are unique and always go to the top of the pile. The advice and techniques received from P.A.T.S. , prepare you for the interview, so you not only know what to expect, but how to respond.
P.A.T.S. then guides you to where the entry-level jobs are found through online search and network building sites. We will help you understand how to manage the maze of gatekeepers in order to get your resume to the right people.


• Other PA positions
• Script Breakdown
• Production Paperwork
• Film Set Safety and Protocol
• Resume and interview skills p>
• Job search techniques

P.A.T.S. sticks your foot in the door, and stays with you! Each participant's name will be entered into P.A.T.S. national database. Graduates' contact information is made available to Hollywood and local based production companies and local film professionals as a resource for crew staffing on a state-by-state basis. Furthermore, our P.A.T.S. News! provides current topics regarding the film business, tips, and regional job postings!
To view  video on our seminar with NOVAC and the HBO TV series "Treme" CLICK

"This is a very practical and important seminar where information is relayed in an engaging and entertaining manner. Kenny has an excellent understanding of public speaking and teaching so his students can absorb the information. He provide a good mix of practical information and entertaining real life stories. In addition, the real life stories pertain to the material being taught. He is very knowledgeable about his work and is able to relay that information effectively to all students regardless of their interests or backgrounds. I especially appreciate his skill at learning student’s names."

Katrina Ham – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada - June 2010

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