Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mid-Summer Release of New Film "Veer"

Written By~ JR Resnick
Film Office Intern

Local filmmaker Patrick Barry is optimistic about a mid-summer release of his new film Veer. He is very excited about having the opportunity to make his first ever feature length film and is expecting to enter it into the major film festivals like The Sundance Festival.

                                             Photo Credit: Peter Stahl

Barry says making a feature length film has been a lot of work, but a lot of fun at the same time. The film was shot half in HD and half in Super 16 film and was edited with Final Cut Pro.

Veer is a new full-length independent film produced and shot in Jacksonville, which stars an all-Florida cast and crew. Barry and producer Kristen Walsh also casted the film.

Barry has networked over the years and has surrounded himself with talented people. He was able to confidently make his local choices for cast and crew.

Barry made a lot of contacts interning with Jacksonville Film and Television Office when he was a senior in high school. Barry said, "The best thing I got out of interning with the Jacksonville Film and Television Office was learning various aspects of the film production procedures."

He was able to understand the process of finding and securing locations and crew. He said, "I don't know how you would learn otherwise if not from interning."

Veer follows the story of Jesse Sorensen, an aging professional skateboarder, who is dropped from his skating sponsorship and finds himself coming face to face with something he’s never had to deal with before – responsibility. Keep your eyes open for the new film Veer, it’s expected to be released in mid-summer and hopefully appear in a few film festivals.

Patrick Barry talks about his experience filming Veer! in Jacksonville. Watch it on WJCT's TV page.To learn more about Veer! go to Blue Llama Studios website or the Veer! Facebook page.
Barry says one of the “coolest” things he learned while making the film was learning about the legendary Kona Skate Park (near Regency). The skate park has been around since the `70s. Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk even enjoys skating at this park, which was exciting for a lot of the actors. Barry was also able to get sponsorship from Etnies and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer for the making of this film.

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