Friday, January 14, 2011

Local Film Coming Soon!

Gerald Jackson, a local filmmaker, has been working hard on a new film called Truly Everlasting. This film will be making its first debut in April on a cruise! The cruise is a fan cruise for author Brenda Jackson; she is a best seller of romance novels.

Gerald is excited to enter his film, Truly Everlasting into one of the film festivals this summer. The cast includes several local students as well as students across the country. The film is now in post production and the editing software used is Final Cut Pro.

The genre is woman’s entertainment romance. Truly Everlasting is a Christmas film and takes place in Houston, about an adult football player who bumps into his childhood arch nemesis discovering they still can’t stand each other. His arch nemesis is a single mom and her son asks for something quite nontraditional for Christmas. You will have to wait to find out more, Gerald hopes to have the film on DVD in the future.
This is Gerald’s first ever feature length film. He said, “I didn’t realize the amount finite details that go into making a film. It takes time and patience, you have to deal with a lot to get the film up and going, crew, budgets, scripts, locations and tons more! I underestimated the amount of work that goes into making a feature length film, I spent from September 2009 to the following July to get the film ready for making.” Gerald expressed that although it’s been a heavy work load, it’s been rewarding.
Gerald previously interned at Jacksonville Film and Television Office and said he got a lot out of the internship. He also added that, “Some things that seem so minute are really important to sell a movie to this location. My internship exposed me to a part of the filmmaking that is truly significant.”

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BY~ JR Resnick

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