Friday, January 14, 2011

Filmmakers’: Want a challenge?

Get ready for the 48 Go Green Environmental Film Competition! This February, 18 – 20, the 48 Hour Film Project brings you a totally new challenge!

Just like other 48 Hour Film events, this contest challenges you to make a film in only 48 hours - writing, shooting, and editing the film. BUT in this contest you select your own genre. We randomly assign you a character, prop and line of dialogue, PLUS an eco them - such as air, water, animals, forest, that must appear in your film.

The contest is an ON-LINE CONTEST so that anyone around the world can enter, plus it’s held in-person in the following 8 US Cities:

Atlanta                  Portland (Oregon) 
San Francisco       Washington, DC
Los Angeles          New York
Boston                  Houston

film makingBut wait, There are cash prizes, the chance for your film to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival's Short Film Corner and at the NABShow in Las Vegas.
Plus the top 3 finalists travel to Las Vegas!
To Register for the On Line Competition or to Register for the In Person Competition (in the Cities listed above): Click Here

This competition is Brought to you by the 48 Hour Film Project in association with the Creators of the Athens 48 Go Green, Francesco Vitali and Christos Siametis; and award-winning filmmaker, photographer and author Sebastian Copeland, Director of Into the Cold.

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