Monday, October 31, 2011

Jax Film Fest Winners '11!

And The Best Narrative feature award goes to...... "Kinyarwanda."

The 2011 Film Festival was held October 13-16th.
Moviegoers gave the Audience Award to Christy Cashman's New Age comedy, "Sunny Side Up," starring Cashman and Parker Posey. Cashman, who helped produce "The Kids Are All Right," was in town for the festival, and spoke at the Women in Filmmaking event Sunday.

Opening night's, Wild Horse, Wild Ride," a story about wild mustangs and their trainers, was named Best Documentary Feature. The movie was so popular it sold out the San Marco Theatre , which then added two more screenings over the weekend.

The weekend was packed with intriguing film screening, insightful conferences and of course the Burlesque themed Saturday Night Gala . The weekend event was said to have had an increased turn out from the previous year and many of the screenings were sold out.

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