Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Easy Edit Video Position- Production/Social Media Administrator

Easy Edit Video is looking to hire a Production/Social Media Administrator. The job description is below.
If you know of anyone interested in this position, I would appreciate it if you have them forward their resume to me at david@easyeditvideo.com

Production/Social Media Administrator

Respond to client inquiries and provide customers with rate card information.
Take in all orders. Process necessary paperwork (work order)
Determine deadline for order pickup. Establish project priorities.
Maintain all client contact throughout the production cycle.
Enter completed orders into computer. Create an invoice.
Check out customers picking up orders, Collect payment on invoices.
Act as liaison between clients and management. Problem solve.
Supervise the production and flow of every order from the time it enters the facility until
the client picks up the completed job.

Supervise employee’s daily work assignments.
Schedule all production assignments. Assign orders to staff members.
Assist Duplication Tec, print DVD labels and assemble final DVD job orders.
Supervise deadlines so that staff knows what orders need to run and when they are due.
While this is a non-technical administrative position, it is crucial you fully understand the video production process, since you will be supervising technicians and editors

Design and implement the company’s Social Media marketing strategy.
Manage Social Media marketing campaigns, promotions and day-to-day activities
Develop brand awareness and generate inbound traffic.
Blogging, dialogue engagement and community participation.
Manager and create relevant content social media content (images, video and written).
Monitor online ratings. Analyze and review campaigns in an effort to maximize results.

Manage DVD sales and marketing, both onsite and online.
Oversee media inventory. Order as needed.
Oversee office supply room. Order forms supplies as needed.
Oversee and maintain the DVD and videotape library. Update and organize as necessary.
Supervise facility cleanup and maintenance.

This is a fulltime, career oriented, professional job.
1-2 years experience required.
Benefits include vacation, holidays, and health/dental insurance
Hours are Monday-Friday 9-6pm.


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