Thursday, June 23, 2011


The minutes that you spend reading this blog post are minutes you could spend nominating that special individual who you feel most deserves Jacksonville's FILM & TV INDUSTRY AWARD or RISING STAR AWARD. With every minute gone, the deadline for nominations - which is TOMORROW, Friday June 24 - is growing closer. For those of you who are unaware, the Film & Television Industry Award has been presented by the Jacksonville Film & TV Office for the past five years, and honors an individual from Northeast Florida who has made outstanding contributions to the film and television industry over a span of several years. The Rising Star Award is an exciting addition to this September's Jacksonville Film Industry Reception. The recipient of this new award represents that exceptional individual (under age 40) whose contributions to our local production community merit recognition and congratulations. So now is your chance to visit the Jacksonville Film and Television website and place your nominations before it's too late! You will find instructions on how to place a nomination by following these links: Industry Award and Rising Star Award. Let the nominations continue!

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