Thursday, March 3, 2011


Guest Blog by Linda G. Ginsberg,

A short film made for the 48 Hour Go Green Project, entitled Way Off The Grid, was produced and directed by Jacksonville’s Marc Boese, who played the part of the father. The cast also included, Whitney Johns, as the mother, Caleb Watson, as the son; Abi Platock as the daughter, and Adam Suslak as the father’s brother. Associate producers were Marcus A. Taylor and Andrea McGee. Mark Hubbard was director of photography and edited the film. Matt Simons was sound engineer. The eco-comedy was written by Sharon Y. Cobb.

The 48 Go Green Project is an international eco film competition where nearly 40,000 filmmakers make 3,000 films in 80 cities on five continents. Winners screen at the Cannes Short Film Corner and at NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Online voting determines the first round on winners and Way Off The Grid needs your vote. Go to and to register “free” to vote. In order for votes only to be counted once, you will then receive an email confirmation. Use the link on the email confirmation and click on “48 Go Green 2011 Official Voting” then scroll down to “Save the Animals” and click to find Way Off the Grid. If you enjoy the film, give it a generous number of stars. Voting ends MARCH 4.

The film was shot at Trudi and Marc Boese’s solar homestead in Middleburg. The Boese’s tame silkie chickens were featured in the film. The silkie is a breed of chicken that looks like little, fluffy chicken-llamas. The silkie is thought to have come from China thousands of years ago.

The 48-Go Green challenges filmmakers from around the world to make a narrative short film in only 48 hours -- writing, shooting, and editing it. The teams are randomly assigned a theme for their film which has to do with the environment. The themes for this year are: animals, energy, the environment in general, forest, the next generation, the planet, the sea, and the water. Way Off the Grid dealt with savings the animals, that's why the silkies played a starring role in the film.

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