Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Register Now for Florida's New Online Production Directory! Goes Live Sept 1st!

Florida is experiencing a resurgence of production in the state due to the new financial incentive that went into effect July 1st. We hope everyone is regularly checking our website at www.filminflorida.com for information about the various projects that will be coming to your local areas. Visit the “Florida Incentive Recipients” page for more information.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our clients the most talented crews and extensive array of industry vendors and professional support services found throughout the state via our new online Production Directory. The Production Directory, powered by “Reel Crew,” is an expansion of our current Reel Scout locations photo system that will create a searchable, electronic database of Florida’s skilled workforce and available production resources.
On September 1st, the new Production Directory’s search function will go live! Clients all over the world looking to bring their projects to Florida will be able to access the Production Directory and search for crew members and local businesses by category, region, union affiliation, and much more! They will also be able to create a customized directory of crew and support services for the area(s) they are looking to work in. Additionally, clients will have the ability to print their results (with just a click) in a variety of ways – e.g., by name, by category, with all credits listed, with just the most recent credits listed, etc.
REMEMBER: You must be present to win! Clients cannot find you if you’re not listed. We strongly encourage you to go register IMMEDIATELY at http://www.filminflorida.com/. Create and update your profile with the most current information on your work history, your professional credits, even upload your resume or brochure (if you’re a business). Then, don’t forget to continue to update it as you work on new projects. The guide’s search feature will be going live this Wednesday, September 1st, so we encourage you to REGISTER NOW!!!
We also encourage you to register with any and all other online reputable directories, including ProductionHub.com, Doddleme.com, and the FilmFlorida.com production guide. You cannot be listed in too many places.

It’s a sunny day in Florida!


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