Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More on the 48 Hour Film Project

The 2010 Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project, presented by PRI Productions and in partnership with The Florida Theatre, kicks off this Friday, June 18, at the Jacksonville Landing.

42 teams of filmmakers will draw randomly from a hat to decide in which genre they must shoot. At two minutes to 7:00pm, they find out a character, prop and line of dialog that must be included in every film, and the contest begins at 7 PM. teams will then have 48 hours to write, produce, shoot, edit, score and render a 4-7 minute short film and return, with their completed film, to the Jacksonville Landing.

The Kick-Off event is open to the public and has in recent years drawn around 400 people in the courtyard of the Landing to send filmmakers on their way. This year, rock band The Ride will be take the stage at 8:00 PM for the Kick-Off audience. The Project will also be hosting a Countdown event at 7:29:50 at the Landing on Sunday, June 20th.
For more information about the Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project go to or contact Mac McDonald, Producer.

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