Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mitch Harbeson

In the beginning of 2009, Mitch Harbeson teamed up with Recount’s Jay Roach to Location Manage Jay’s latest film Bruno. “It was a unique way of filmmaking and I’ve never had so many resources to move so fast through so many different cities and states,” stated Mitch. In Spring '09, Harbeson teamed up with another North East Florida visitor, Bob Wilson. They had met on NBC’s “All She Ever Wanted” in the early 90’s. They did the Julie Ormond film The Wronged Man and started a new Josh Berman television series for Lifetime, “Drop Dead Diva,” which broadcasts on Sunday’s at 9pm. The series was picked up for a second, 20-episode season. “Diva” creator, Josh Berman is known for “CSI” and “Bones.”

Harbeson finished out the year with Secretariat for Walt Disney starring Diane Lane as Penny Chenery and John Malkovich as the trainer. He has continued to sit on the FFPC Florida Incentive Legislation Committee and asks that all film interested parties, “Please reach out to your state Senators and Representatives and let them know how much our Industry means to Florida’s economy.” There should be a new bill filed by Representative Precourt in the upcoming weeks. Mitch Harbeson looks forward to returning to the “Diva” set in February and then taking his personal passion break in April, “Springing the Blues,” where there will be some special guests to celebrate the 20th Anniversary.

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